Micro Greens

Micro greens are incredible.  Micro greens offer significantly more nutritional benefits than their full grown counterparts and are tasty additions.  I like mine with nearly everything- within reason (cake? No.).  Add them to soup, a salad (yes, a salad within a salad), sandwich, on top of a nice grilled or baked fish- anywhere you would garnish, honestly.  Skip the parsley and get your micro greens on!

I grow mine indoors year round under a grow light (snip and enjoy when the greens are between 1-2 inches high), but a sunny window will work.  I have seen serious growers use shallow trays, which obviously work, but you can grow these in nearly anything.  I use whatever I have handy, such as these peat pots I happened to have a few extra of around the house.  You can use a berry container (such as those from the store that hold blueberries)- great way to reuse, reduce and recycle!! You aren’t looking to grow a tree.  You can be very flexible with these.

As with anything I plant to produce food, ensure you use a rich, organic soil.  Nowadays, those are rather inexpensive and readily available.

I use a grow lamp from Burpee indoors, but check your local nursery or even Walmart for grow lamps.

Micro greens take about 7-10 days, from my experience, to reach the desired harvest height.  I use an organic micro green seed mix (readily available online, or at the Fresh Thyme organic grocer, if you have those in your area).  To harvest, just snip off at the base.  Once you have harvested your crop, you can mis in more organic soil and start anew with more seeds.

This is also a fun project for kids, as they see results very quickly! Gardening with kids is fun year-round.