She was midlife priceless a century ago and still rocked it.

She was midlife priceless a century ago and still rocked it.

I was not fully prepared to hit my 40s, though I really thought I would be.

I married young (19) and delivered three children in quick succession.  I remember looking forward to 40- my children would be at or near adulthood.  I would be established in my career.  I would own my own home.  I would have survived the throws of young adulthood unscathed.  And to be honest, all of those things did in fact come to pass for me.

But I did not expect to be trapped.

Trapped is the only word that adequately describes my current position in life.  Trapped in a job that has marginal pleasure for me, but is there primarily to pay the bills (of which there are many- thank you, Student Loans and Mortgage, you merciless bastards).  Trapped in a society where eating fruits and vegetables may actually cause you cancer.  Trapped in world where the older I get, the less valuable I become to others (and not only because my looks have taken a bit of a toll since my prime years- damn gravity- but because the corporate world no longer places value the same way it used to. Discussions have moved away from old-fashioned notions of customer retention and quality into snippets of basis points and off-shore manufacturing). Lately, I feel the tumultuous struggle of trying to make people happy who, I have come to realize, do not feel the same obligation if it doesn’t translate into specific revenue goals.

There is something else, too.  I look at the younger generation of women.  I had hoped this generation would not feel the same struggles we faced; while we have come a long way, I hear the voices of the women before me echoing those same thoughts about my generation.  And here we are.

This blog is not intended to be a woe-is-me little pity party.  Quite the opposite.

The message is that we, as middle aged women, are not past our prime.  We are IN it.  This isn’t a mid-life crisis.  This is Midlife Priceless.

Priceless because we have the stature and knowledge to forge our way forward in pursuit of the dreams and desires we want.  And we can do it right now.

Priceless because we don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  Priceless because we believe in ourselves and can support one another.

Priceless because we aren’t looking for permission to be who we are.  Priceless because we choose to be self-sustainable models for complete success.

Priceless because at this stage in our lives, it isn’t about pleasing anyone.  It isn’t about a standard.  It’s not about rebellion.  It’s about living our way.  Period.

I started this blog because I believe in myself.  I know what I can do.  I am a worthy investment.

I am 45 and I am midlife priceless.

Join me.