How is it already the middle of May?

Sorry for being so absent, gentle readers.  My career is booming, which is a good thing, but I need to get my garden blooming, too. My grandson is starting to laugh, but his Nonnie (me) looks like she is going to cry with all these weeds to pull, pots to scrub, plantings to do…sigh. Love the work of it all, though.

I am trying a new veggie in the garden this year- brussel sprouts. I used to abhor these mini-cabbages.  I found them smelly and slimy and overall disgusting- until I tried them roasted at the insistence of the host at a restaurant I attended.  Game changer.  I am sorry- but I love these now.  Roasted with herbs, roasted with garlic, roasted with balsamic vinegar- yum yum yum.  So, I decided to plant them.  I can’t wait to see how these do and will absolutely post pics along the way.  Unless I get busy.  But I will try, I promise.

My tomatoes are in- three heirloom varieties.  I am also rocking peppers, though fewer than last year, because I still a considerable amount in the freezer.  Beans, of course, and now peas! I will be planting peas- which I can’t stand- because of the baby.  I want to give my grandson as much organic food as possible, the little darling.  There will also be butternut squash in the garden (for him and me), some melons (I am going to try to grow these vertically), butter crunch lettuce, arugula, and a repeat of my bird-bath herb garden that was such a hit last year.

I am also slowly encroaching on the front lawn.  I have not gone full-on raised plant beds in the front yard, because the lady from the HOA is a bitch, frankly, but I do have some lovely lavender trained into a topiary shape (she thinks its lovely; I know you can make tea from it, too. HA!).  I am also going to plant dwarf eggplant in a few pots this weekend and out those out front as well.  Dare her to say something.

Overall, I am glad spring is here to stay- it looked shaky for a while- and that in the midst of daily political and global turmoil I can escape to snip a leaf here, fill an olla there, and get lost in the hard work that produces lovely food for my family to eat now and store for later.

In case we have to do that.  North Korea. 🙂

Happy gardening, friends!!