I had a strong desire to share what I have learned in life on this blog, including the domestic lessons learned by chance or choice.

I am, as of this writing, 45 years of age.  I have seen and done a lot in those 45 years, some of which will remain locked in secrecy to protect the innocent.  Some of my ramblings will be on this blog for entertainment purposes only- mainly mine; others will serve to hopefully be of practical use- which brings us to Brady. 

Brady and I work together.  I am old enough to be her mother. She is incredibly bright, witty, and on a track to success without a doubt.  I was fortunate enough to spend time with Brady on a project within the past year.   During down times we would talk about organic eating and my penchant for gardening, all of which Brady expressed an interest in.  Over time, I would close all of my official emails to Brady with a little domestic tip.

PS: Now is the perfect time to plant your microgreens on your windowsill.  You will have fresh greens for Christmas!

PS:  Add a small amount of white vinegar to your laundry to improve (or even replace!) fabric softener.  Try it with towels!

Brady loved these.  As her self-appointed Domestic Tip Godmother, I want to dedicate this space in my blog to her and to the little tips that I have gathered over time.  I also welcome all of you to contribute your own tips for Brady.  She is on her way to shaping the world for the next generation and needs our experience. 🙂

Today’s Domestic Tip for Brady: Vinegar can do anything.  It can clean (nothing better for wood floors than vinegar and water).  It can kill weeds down to the root (just pour vinegar on that sucker and it will be dead within a couple of days).  It makes a bad ass salad dressing.  Keep a couple of gallons on hand at all times, Brady!!