Organic gardening isn’t as hard as you may think.  Frankly, I believe getting back to your roots (pun absolutely intended) is as organic as you can be.  Think of our ancestors- not too many generations ago- leveraging compost and kitchen scraps and cover crops to maximize the benefit of the soil and what grows out of it.  You can do the same on a smaller scale with minor- and I do mean minor- changes to your thoughts on organic gardening.

For starters:

-Compost.  Just do it.  Make an organic compost pile or buy organic compost for your garden.

-Cover Crops:  Buckwheat.  Winter wheat.  Names you don’t hear everyday; but these lovely cover crops protect your plants, choke out weeds, and dramatically improve soil conditions.

-Lady bugs: These ladies are the symbol of luck in some cultures for good reason.  Lucky for us; bad luck for the enemies of your garden- aphids

-Fish:  That’s right.  Go to your fish market and buy up some fish heads.  Put them in the bottom of the hole you want to plant a tomato in, add some egg shells for calcium, and watch your plants get YUUUUUUGGGEEE

Coffee grounds. Apple peels.  Veggie scraps.  All of that waste turns to gold in the garden, so don’t hesitate!

My personal experience has taught me that healthy plants are your best deterrent against insects and disease.  Keep a healthy soil, grow a healthy plant, get healthy food.